Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lessons I learned after travelling with a newborn baby

I finally made my first trip with my new-born baby. Due to my partner’s personal and professional commitments and the time that took us to wait for the baby’s passport, our son was already 5 months when we decided to go home for the first time!

For the newcomers, once I used to call Spain home. Then I became a world citizen and home was where my backpack was. Nowadays I live temporary with my family at the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England. But once you are a real traveller, settle down seems a hard thing to assimilate, even with a baby!

The Forest of Dean is utterly beautiful during bluebell seasons (April-May)

During my pregnancy and taking care of my new-born, I was daydreaming all the time. I want my child to be educated in an international environment, the world being his oyster! Became a scuba diver instructor is still in my bucket list , living in China countryside, travel all South America…they are dreams that I always had and I don’t intent to give up just because I became mother. I possible had to slow down the hectic rhythm I was doing before but I am not this sort of person that gives up on dreams.

What this trip to Spain made me realise about my priorities.

A part from visiting my family in Almeria to show them the baby, I wanted to spend a few days at the beach in Mojacar, visit the Hippy Village of Orgiva, the Jamón Serrano producer village of Serón, the natural park of Cazorla, relax a few hours in a hamman (arabic baths) and visit the Refugios, the civilian war bunkers for the population of Almeria. We had two weeks in total. Guess how many of them we could archieve.

Babies don't follow schedules
We wanted to do camping in Mojacar, as we wanted to follow a tight budget (the permanently all year around traveller budget is still in my mind). First night, when we were driving there, started to rain cat and dogs(Almeria has one of the lowest rain levels of water per year), my GPS wasn’t working, baby was crying like a piglet and we couldn’t find the camping in the darkness. We ended up checking in a hotel and blowing two days of budget in just exclusively accommodation.

We have to carry the baby around, with all the heat, and fasting and unfasting his baby car seat every time!

Staying in the hotel area means that all the prices of restaurants around were overpriced. Bye bye to cheap holidays! (and tasty food).

You want to enjoy your tapas, but they want to enjoy their milk tapas
The following days, we found the camping, but it was too hassle to prepare the baby food,even if he is 100% breastfed, we were starting to give him solids and by camping everything was more complicated.

Mashing bananas is not that bad, but try to prepare something else edible for a baby

Finally we realised that our baby is quite an amazing sweet and intelligent creature, but at the end, he is baby. He wants to be feed, hold and played with all the time. He doesn’t care whether we stay in a camping, hostel or resort. He just want to spend time with his parents.

I just want to spend time with mamacita!

Then is why we started to realised, why family with children choose to buy packages with all inclusive for their holidays…why?

  • They don’t need to roam around looking for the cheapest plane ticket.  It is all inclusive in the package!

  • They don’t need to roam around looking for accommodation (we wasted so much time of our vacation trying to figure it out where to sleep!) and dealing with prices (I luckily speak the language and was kind of a local but even that)
  • Everything is ready when you arrive (baby’s cot or spare bed, some countries provides you with a kettle for hot drinks that is perfect for boiling the water on the room)
The bed should be king size or bigger, because they always ended up taking half of the bed

  • You don’t need to carry with towel or bedding as most of the hotels will provide it
My little angel can continue with his swimming lessons

Have you travelled with a baby? How was your experience?

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