Sunday, December 21, 2014

How NOT to prepare sushi!

After doing sushi at home a couple of nights ago, I miss Japan and all its amazing food!

I was just showing to my partner some of the homemade sushi that my friend's mother prepared for me when I was visiting them in Chiba! Truly amazing!

Without seaweed, only an omelette!

Table is ready!

Dinner with a real Japanese family

Just type in google "sushi shapes" images to stumble upon amazing pandas, flowers and other shapes of sushis.

Have a look in the horrible sushi I did a few years ago...yes, we cut the seaweed with the butter knife, more or less...

Make sure that thesalmon is the best quality! (you are going to eat it RAW!)

The most horrible sushi ever! Who is going to eat it now?

Sushi misshaped, rice everywhere, ingredients falling....
I did quite well sushi this time, even if the baby keep me busy (hint: get yourself a good knife. Sushi mats and all other complements are great, but without a proper knife, your sushi will look deformed and no one will be willing to try)

My little man also enjoying with his "raw food"

Had you tried to do sushi at home? How was the experience?
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