Monday, March 30, 2015

I went to Cornwall and I didn't expected this

When some family members planned to rent a holiday letting for a week and invited us, I didn't have much expectations.

Welcome to Maenporth

Maenporth, Cornwall. Cornish water supposed to be the warmest in the UK and we were heading there to do some spearfishing.

After a week in there, these are the memories I am taking home and keeping forever:

The entrance of the estate.
A single Daffodil facing the infinite world

Views from the very top of the estate in a sunny low tide day.

  • Properties in this estate are rented for about 500-1200 a week. Ours was a stunning 3 bedroom with ocean view and big living room for 380 pounds for 2 months(a good trick is always check the special offers, especially in low season.)

  • Maenporth, as spearfishing spot is not bad at all (we manage to get a pair of Ballan wrasse!), but yes, Cornwall or not, you will still need to cope with the terrible English weather. We heard about other places like a deep channel in Swanpool and Gyllynbeach as an access for spearos.
Our dinner

My cheeky monkey imitating the fishes!

  • Maenporth is full of pillboxes. This concrete pillboxes were built to protect against the French during the WWII due to Falmouth being a prime target for the enemy.

Views from the Coastal path to Swanpool

  • We foraged mussels in Helford Ferry! They were tasty and amazing!!
Some of our tasty mussels

So big and juicy!

  • Cornwall is full of Gorse plants. Gorse is a very interesting plant whose flowers can be used in salad, tea or to make a non grape-based wine!

Even the weed is pretty in Cornwall

  • Falmouth city reminds me to Falmouth in Antigua. Maybe because of the colourful terrace house?

But definitely something not to miss is to visit the Eden Project. More about it in the next post.

Have you been in Cornish land? What is to best memory from there?
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