Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hikes and Walks in Honk Kong: Lamma Island

Lamma Island, situated at less than half an hour from Central Hong Kong, it’s a real paradise with no cars at all. One of my favourite islands in Hong Kong.

There is 2 main ports where the ferries dock: Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. The price for the ferry to Yuen in a weekday is 16,20HK$ and 8,9HK$ for children. For Sok Kwu Wan expect to pay 19HK$ and a little bit more on weekends and public holidays.

My recommended visit will be:

Starts your visit in Yueng Shue Wan side. Walk along the main street and be surprise about the amount of organic shops, vegetarian restaurants and handcraft shop, never seen so much quality in Hong Kong Island. Even the daily groceries there are much less pricey as in Hong Kong. If you buy something from the Organic Shop “Just Green”, they also have a terrace for your use after the purchase. A good place to eat and hang out it is Worm Library, also in Main Street. Vegetarian and organic food, fresh squeezed juices and smoothies, free wifi and several books to read. Very pleasant.

After that, walk to Tin Hau Temple, where you can find the first western style lion on their doors.

Have a look into Lamma Corner, with a lot of environmental friendly ideas, souvenirs and learn about environmental issues in Hong Kong in the last year. Many souvenirs and also some stamps with Lamma animals and landscape for your notebook, or if you are brave enough, for your passport.

After that, I rented a bike. I tough it will be a great idea as I love bikes and it’s long time I don’t ride a bike. I wasn’t prepared  to ride among so many Chinese and also, the Family Trail to the other side of the Island is not really prepared for bikes, with nearly 90º slopes up (and obviously down), no barriers to protect you to fall down in the beautiful landscape and so on.

However Hung Shing Yeh and Lo So Shing are beautiful beaches that really deserve to be discover, either by walk (the Family Trail is calculated for 2 hours) or by bike.
In the other side of Lamma Island you have Sok Lu and the fisherman village. Many people take the ferry just to have dinner in any of their numerous seafood restaurant. You choose you piece from the aquarium and it will be cooked for you in your favourite style or the waiters can suggest you another way

Some curiosities about Lamma Island:

  • The do have an heliport

  • The only real vehicle is the ambulance, which is mini size.

  • There are several Thai restaurants.

  • They have an especial bar on the Yuen pier that accepts only “Standard chartered notes” or better said, your drinks will be cheaper, if you pay with Standard Chartered notes, which are the notes issued by the standard chartered bank, the oldest issuing notes in HK

  • There is a place called Kamikaze Cave, however I was unable to find.

Have you visited Lamma Island? Which one is your favourite trail in Hong Kong territories?
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