Monday, October 26, 2015

What have we been doing during summer 2015

Summer is already gone. The last thing that you hear from us is that we were building a log cabin.

Rainbow in the Rainbow field

Somehow we always manage to turn on the rainbows for stunning pictures.

What have we done since then?

The bubble maker entertaining children and grow-ups.

Since summer 2013 I volunteer for a project call Rainbow Futures. There is where I met my partner and where my son was conceived. Rainbow hosts different camps with different ethos but destined to offer people a safe place to develop themselves. We show people how to live a different lifestyle than the one that society tells us to live.
Happy naked baby enjoying some munchebles with Matthieu (France) and Ricard (Spain)

Our stunning Daria from Germany, always with a huge smile behind the counter.

Not all is working for our workaway team! Enjoying the night concert

Day off for our crew enjoying the Forest of Dean.

This year was a very nice and smooth year. We have an amazing team of volunteer from workaway that become part of our extended family now. A part of the regular camps, we have the pleasure to host Sundara Camps, who bought us new energy and new people to our group.

Life was good this summer. Relatively good weather (for England). We had the longest pack-down ever (nearly 6 weeks!!) and we are ready for our next adventure! 

Where are we heading now?


Don't want to mention it until it happens. But it will be sun and good food involve and a long road trip!

We are now focus in finishing sealing our log cabin. Next post I will be talking about this project

Where did you spend your summer? If you ever interested in coming to any of Rainbow Futures Camps, just let us know in the comments!
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