Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why you should not miss the Eden Project

When we were in Cornwall, I discover how close The Eden Project is. Since my recent interest for plants and green stuff, I couldn't miss it!

Why you should miss it too:

Eden project has been created in a massive pit of china clay, demonstrating that regeneration is possible in nature.

Wherever you look at, you will be learning how our planet works.

If you love art, the place is full of sculptures and new art deco.

If you live in England, you will love to sweat in the Rainforest biome!

If you are from Spain, Italy or Greece, you will feel like at home in the Mediterranean Biome.

The car park with fruit names is extremely cute!

Instead of paying for the entrance, you can donate it to the Project and you get an annual pass instead. You could visit the Eden Project in every different season!
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