Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Green World without limits....what is that?

I started blogging in 2008 to keep in touch with my family and friends back home while I was working as a Flight attendant in the UK. I tried to carry on while I was working in a cruise ship with not much luck as back in the time internet was limited and so was my time between port of calls, emergency drills and passenger complains. 
Then I decided to start blogging seriously when I was traveling in Central Asia. One year of solo travel was more than enough to get time to blog a couple of times a week about every single adventure that happens to me. I meet amazing travel bloggers and improve my writing and SEO skills. 

My biggest problem, a part from not being a native English speaker is that I never found my niche. One of the biggest points if you wan to be a successful travel blogger (or a successful anything in life) is make sure that you discover what it makes you unique, whatever you can do better than anyone and show the world how is done. Find a niche is useful to direct yourself to your right audience. I was never able to do that. In my aim to write about everything, I never master anything. 

When I got pregnant, I though I will be able to catch up with everything I had pending. Unfortunately pregnancy is not that easy period for inspirations and all my plans slow down. When the baby was here, writing a post A MONTH was a mission so I gave up. Sincerely. Also have the feeling I have nothing to share with my audience. 
Times passes and I find myself in another period of my life. My child is 20 months old, he doesn't need me that much anymore. I realize where I want my life to head to: 

1) Sustainability: Because we only have a planet.
2) Recycling: Being up-cycling the biggest priority (give it a use first, when you cannot then recycle)

3) Grow your own 
4) Organic Food 
5) Consumerism or better say, Lowconsumerism
6) Social justice
7)  Media manipulation 
8) Land for people
9) Politics, or better say, Anti-politics  
10)Tiny homes
11)Living off grid 
12) New technologies
13) Events/festivals to change your mindset
14) Spirituality
15)Positive birth, breastfeeding, baby carriers 
16)Home Education
17)Travel with kids
18) Slow Travel: Because at the end, I am a traveler. I had been bitten by the travel bug and no matter where we are, my heart is everywhere. 

 These is some of the subjects you will find in this blog from now on.Not in the order described, but how I feel in the moment. I will not remove the old one as they had proven to be useful in the past and because some had good rating on the net ;) And yes, you will still find pictures of Lyanz ;) 

 What do you think about the new blog subjects? Everything you will like to read or you will miss from the last blog?
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