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 These are the blogs I like, follow and read (and sometimes get inspired from!). Note that they are not in any especial order.

Travel Blogger Friends
Mustachio Ventures: My good Mustachio, fellow couchsurfer and probably my first regular reader ever. Blogging about South East Asia and especially Philippines. Curious shop names, adventures and how every trip makes a "hole" in his budget :0I)
eTramping: Travelling like tramps around the World for less than $25 a day! Agness and Cez are the coolest Pole guys I ever meet. They have a budget like me and they had been traveling lately in SE Asia and Europe. Their design of POSTcards is very fancy and they also can help you to set up your blog.By the way, have you seen how sexy do I look in the birthday wishes video for Agness?;)

Miss Mureena: I met Katjia through Couchsurfing too. She is a talented Finish designer. Coffee lover. Diver. Recently been in the Philippines and blogging about it now.

With Lauren in Cabo de Gata, Almeria

Roaming the World: Lauren is probably the first travel blogger I had the pleasure to meet before I decided to start blogging myself. She is a real inspiration for me, she has been 9 month traveling solo in Africa. Now she is again a language teacher in Spain and blogging from my country.

Little Talks: I was also lucky to meet Alex in Malaysia and to encourage him to keep blogging! He wants to talk about absolutely everything. Now blogging about his trip to Malaysia and Vietnam.

With Alex and Juan in Lambir National Park

Bitacurry: Travelers meet travelers on the road. Always. I meet Juan in Brunei and had an awesome stay in Miri, Malaysia for 3 days sharing our tropical fruit knowledge. Afterwards discovered he started a travel blog after his trip in India. Here you have the Bitacurry!

As Japan is one of my favorite places ever, these are the blogs I am following lately about Japan:

Akihabara Princess(Spanish): Lovely Martina who studied 3 months in Japan and still dreaming to go back. Very active blogger about everything related with Japan. Careful with her Konbini post...

Galipón(Spanish): One of my recent discover...One Gallego in Japón! Just arrived to Sendai, very interesting posts about Japan.

Shoguito: It doesn't happen very often that someone writes about me!...In Japanese!...Without knowing me!...Just because I inspire them too!. This is Shoguito from Nara website, explaining how did we meet. You can also read the story in English and Mexican Spanish.

Other recommended travel websites:
Liligo: I was working here during my Budapest time and I keep checking. A good alternative to Skyscanner if you want a second opinion.

Member of the travel blog traffic exchange:I am also a member of the Travel Blog Traffic Exchange Community. Do not forget to check the link and join if you are a travel blogger too!

Sahara Dreaming: One of my best friends was about to become the second trip mate, however, due to political situations in Argel, he is not in. A part from that, the trip from Tunis to Côte d'Ivore is going to be epic! Do not miss Mustafa, Mimar & Brownie adventures!

Budget Travel Philippines: Because I am pinoy too and a budget traveler with my backpacker, I check this blog with nearly everything you need to know about the Philippines. (I say nearly because he keeps adding very often;)

Batu Bata Guesthouse: I usually travel with couchsurfing, however, this guesthouse was just too lovely! Check here for a personalised review.

Born2travel: Mark and Stefy, two Italian backpackers, tell and photograph their experiences around the world with love. A website that tries to share adventures with other travellers giving tips about  backpacking in freedom

Budget Travel Tip: A blog for the budget traveler with tips for saving money and budget destination.
Travel City Break: Travel tips and inspiration for anyone who wants to see the world one city at a time.
Traveling and digging art:  Travel writer and photographer sharing her love for art

Another blogs I love non travel related:

Dohna Dives: Dohna is my Dive instructor and twin sister. If you think there is noone crazier than me, then check her, she is my filipino version in black. That's why we are called: Coffee and Milk sisters!

Leslie Lausch: One of my most fantastic friends. Life is just amazing besides him and you can always get inspired. Here there is a little bit of his photography work.

Adventures in Jay Brown Land: Plums is my very good friend. Model, artist, writer and muse. Recently took the hardest task of the world: To become a young mum. We made a bond under a plums tree (after we use it for toilet purpose).
Budapest Summer 2009. That night...

Almeria, my hometown
Because no matter how much I travel, home is always home, here you have a few interesting blogs, links and asociations.

Un Paseo Para Recordar (Spanish): I used to go to school with Tam, and now she is blogging! She has a lovely style and she makes me love my own city more and more.

Pisa 2004. Visiting La Piazza del Duomo with Tam (she is the second on the left on dark coat). Really old times, the Pisa Tower was nearly straight

Meeting Point: If you are in Almeria and want to practice your language, join the Meeting Point. They usually meet once a week in a Tapas Bar and talk about different subject in English or Spanish (other languages are welcome, but you will likely won't find anyone who speaks your language;)

La Huella Roja: I don't usually take part with charities unless I can really get involved. But I saw the other volunteer really making their best to help the animals, taking care of them and organizing fund raising for the little hairy one treatments. They usually hold flea market in Paseo Maritimo and any donation or extra hand to help are always appreciated!

Salero Iberico: This is the proyect that one of my best friends started in Argentina and now is getting more and more sucessful everyday. I am glad to say I am "salerosa" too. If you need a real artcraft, check with Cris.

German Rubia Photo: The best images about my hometown city, Almeria. By German, setero, hiker, volunteer and good friend.

Do you want to be part of this section? Just check for my email address in contact! I hope to see you here soon!


Nodriman said...

Noe, Thank you for the mention on your wonderful blog.
On this page I've found very interesting things to follow.

Noelfy said...

You are welcome, German!
I wish all this links will be useful for many other people too!!

Mustachio said...

Noelfy, thank you very much for adding me in your bloglist! Much obliged. :-)

Noelfy said...

Of course!! My first regular reader ever! You deserve the first place!! ;)

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