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Here there is some article I wrote/ featured for another websites:

- I always been a bike lover and I did many crazy things to show my love, as running naked for the London World Naked Bike Ride 2012! Here is my bike love declaration in Almeria Cycle Chic (Spanish)

I definitely love bikes!!

- This is my first post featured in another blog! TravelJunkies It's just a copy of my Top 10 Caribbean Beaches

- This is an exclusive article I wrote for Metromarks.com! Read more about Tokyo!

- My article about Japanese Food was also featured in Paper.li

- Diving and getting certify with Dohna is a life adventure! Check out photo together!

Always ready for the next assignment!

- Suddenly got in touch with Shoguito after 2 years and he wrote a post about me! It was so flattering!

I just contributed to extend the crossborderwiki.com with my article of Crossing the border from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan. Are you able to discover the new changes?;)

- I happily contributed to Agness birthday wishes video! Here you can watch it! (2/2/2013)

- Galipón mentioned me in an award: Best Blog and Versatile Blog!! Probably the first time I won something with my blog! (12/03/13)

- I met Mustachio in Cebu, Philippines and afterwards this lovely interview was published :D (24/04/13)

- I was interviewed by Nicole and Michael from Suitcases Stories here. (10/09/2013)

- A Couple Odyssey also gave me the honor of appear in their website :D (05/11/2013)

- My blog is featured is Sogotravel.com (12/11/2013)

- I shared my Moroccan breakfast with the guys of eTramping and their readers (13/11/2013)

- I appeared interviewed in a Spanish Online Newspaper Almeria 360.com! (14/11/14 article in Spanish)

Hopefully this section will keep growing soon! If you want me to write something for your website or link any of my articles, do not hesitate to drop a line! ;)

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