Central Asia Guide

Central Asia, that region of the World so unknown and demanding! I had the pleasure to visit in October-November 2012. As it is the most visited and questioned of the blog, I decided to create a section only for information about this area. Click under every picture or link to access to the post.

The 9th biggest country of the world reveal itself as wild an with strong personality. Things are not easy in Kazakhstan, but very rewarding.


Eating out in Almaty
Party hard!(coming soon)

Dangers and annoyances (coming soon)

Kyrgyz people are some of the most friendly I had ever meet. Food is delicious and the country very affordable. It's hard to travel and tourism is not develop. English is more understood here than in Kazakhstan. Visas are very easy to get.

Other posts comings "Animals and Nature in Kyrgyzstan", "Bride Kidnapping: Is still happening there?", "Food in Kyrgyzstan", "Jeti Orguz Photo essay", "Strange Things that I miss from Kyrgyzstan".

Crossing the borders
Because one of the hardest things when traveling is crossing the borders, especially in countries where there are not very clear or corrupted borders. These are my experiences about crossing from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan by land and Russia by plane without prior arranging of a visa.

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