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Please feel free to contact me regarding any matter! I added the contact tab so it can be easier for you to reach me!

If you want to contact me just leave a comment in any of my post and I will answer you back. Now with CommentLuv, you will get a free link to your latest post in exchange for a nice comment :D

For more private communication send me an email to: noelfytraveler at

Follow me also in Twitter @noelfy

I have a tumblr which I definitely don't use but maybe one day I will start doing so. Here is the address.

I have an Instagram account that I usually forget that I have;) Also @noelfy. Publishing pictures in my favourite channel #foodporned and making everyone crying :P

My instagram cover rocks!

Find me in FACEBOOK where you can get daily updates and exclusive photos of my trip.

I am very active couchsurfer. I just couchsurfed in most places in my Central/South Asia/Australian & New Zealand trip: Almaty,Hong Kong 3 times, Brunei, Kuching, Gold Coast, Shenzhen, Dongguang & Singapore. This is my profile.

Another profile :)

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