First Impressions about countries I visited

Because the first impression matters, find here my first impressions about my Asian Trip:

What is a little Spanish girl thinking while staying in San Antonio Beach in Zambales?

The green Almaty or my first contact with Ex-Soviet Republic. I never been before in a place where they don't have any interest in having tourist coming!

Pure and authentic country, full of honest people.

Horse Trekking, Eagle hunting and lovely village in Kyrgyzstan Countryside.

My horse has the same hair color than me!

Hong Kong
This is not really my first impressions but how I found a job in less than 30 hours in this fascinating city.

My home in Asia, I am always willing to be back!

Malaysian Borneo
The unexplainable beauty of Malaysia, tropical fruits, expeditions in the jungle and much more.

The most modern and natural super economy, koala based.

New Zealand
The Land of the White Cloud in all its splendor, summer time

Do you also think that the first impression matters? Which place had ever impacted you the most?


Madohna san pedro said...

Yes it is guapa....

loveripples9 said...

Indeed, "First Impression" is necessarily letting it hangs loose of the thought about something. If we don't have an idea about a thing whether it is black or white in color, character, or existence...then time will be flying away unproductively. But then if we have at least a probable assumption or an impression of the thing in focus at least our mind would have some wonderful time being moved creatively. An example: would you be strolling in the dark section of an unknown garden which is actually infested with poisonous snakes.

Noelfy said...

Really a deep reflexion, loveripples9! We need to get "surprised" by the first impressions but do not let the prejudices to take over from us!

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